Chemical Formula for Aluminum Foil?


The chemical formula for aluminum foil is AL2O3. This is because it is not 100% aluminium. It is a combination of aluminum and aluminum oxide and thus the formula.
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The composition of aluminum foil is NOT 100% pure aluminum, as many people believe. You may have noticed that aluminum foil always seems dull on one side, and shiny on the other.
it's pure (semi-pure) aluminum, but it is coated with a very thing layer of aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Aluminium foil is made from aluminium in very thin layers so the chemical formula is simply Al however it is worth noting that it will react with oxygen in the air to form aluminium
The chemical formula for Aluminum Sulfate is Al2(SO4)3.18H2O. It has a molecular weight of 666.44.
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