What Chemicals Will Kill Tree Roots & Stump?


When we cut down a tree, we used paint to stop the stump from producing reoccurring branches. You can use any type of paint but be sure to coat the tree top as well as about an inch from the top. You can do the same for the roots.
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1. Cut the tree or stump down as close to the ground as you can with a chain saw. Make a horizontal cut if possible, but cut as you can safely. 2. With the largest drill bit you have
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1 Cut down the majority of the tree. The tree you’re working with may already be cut down, or you may need to remove the entire tree yourself. In either situation, cut the tree
my other half says bleach or sodium chlorate or creosote. Bore holes in roots and fill wiv one of the above, plug hole n wait... roots will
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Chemicals That Kill Tree Roots
To remove dead, diseased or invasive trees and tree roots, homeowners have several options. Herbicides effectively kill the tree and roots, but the plant must still be removed mechanically. Herbicides also have the potential to damage nearby trees and... More »
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