Chemistry between a Man and a Woman?


The chemistry between a man and a woman can be described as either love at first sight or someone that who has grown on you. If you see that special someone and they make your heart beat faster and your stomach feel uneasy then you have experienced a reaction to them. If they have experienced the same reaction to you, then you have a chemistry between you. If you are kissing this special someone and you feel a tingling sensation, then you have developed a sexual chemistry as well.
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When a man loves a woman, he feels like anything is possible! He can climb a mountain or go to the moon! Well, more realistically, he'd most likely prefer to provide for her and start
Some signs that there's chemistry between 2 people: Take notice of how
In biological terms, "male" and "female" identify a member of a particular species that carries one of two sets of sexual organs necessary for reproduction. Male
chemistry just is there at the beginning, doesnt have time. if you have to ask, there isn't chemistry. no it just means the person isn't jumping straight into bed and might actually
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