How can I spray paint?


Spray painting is easy. Simply clean, sand and prime the surface as necessary before evenly coating it with paint. Use a sweeping motion while spraying, moving left to right or up and down to give the surface an even, smooth coat of paint.

After cleaning the item, lightly sand it and prime the surface for best results. Read the paint label to make sure it is suitable for the material painted. For example, not all paints are suitable for painting plastic; a material-specific spray paint might be necessary. The instructions on the paint label are also useful to determine how far the sprayer should be from the object, the right temperatures for painting and the amount of drying time needed.

Test the spray pattern before getting started by spraying a shot of paint onto a piece of cardboard or plywood to determine the pattern that the sprayer produces. Adjust how close you hold the sprayer to object if needed. Whenever possible, place the item on the platform of a workbench, with a drop cloth covering the surrounding area for easy cleanup. This makes it easier to achieve consistent sweeping motion while minimizing the need to bend or hunch over while spray painting.

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