Cherokee Indian Feathers?


Feathers are a big part of the Cherokee tribe and the environment. Certain feathers were used doing tribal ceremonies and have been used for traditional rituals. Eagle feathers were significant to the Cherokee, especially the twelve tail feathers. The eagle feathers were used for decoration or during ceremonies. Owls were said to be witches or embodied ghosts. The feathers of the owl were not worn. One long wing or tail feather of the owl was used to soak in water and bathe a child's eye to keep them up all night. Blue jay feathers were soaked in water and used to bathe a child's eye to make them an early riser.
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Cherokees in ancient times wore feathers of different colors to
1. Locate an ancestor who is listed on the Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes, Cherokee Nation. This is referred to as the Dawes Roll for short. You
the religion oft he Cherokees was that the sun and moon were people.Sun was like it was a being which grew the crops.Moon was like a being that helped them go to sleep.
the eagle.they were a respected bird according to the indians.
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