Cherokee Religion?


The religion of the Cherokee is far different than the type of religion that western civilization had. The Cherokee had seven sacred ceremonies. There are two numbers that are sacred and used in the ceremonies, those numbers are four and seven. Four represent the four primary directions, and seven represents the seven directions of north, south, east, west, above, below, and here in the center. The first new moon of spring ceremony took place 'when the grass began to grow and the trees send out their pale new leaves...'
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The Cherokee
Cherokee Indians can trace their history back more than one thousand years. Their society was based on hunting, trading, and agriculture, living in towns until they encountered the first Europeans in 1540, when Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto led…
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Many people say they were and still are christian.
The Cherokees had a strong belief that there were certain beings who
This is a great question. There are many things that can be said about the religion of the Cherokee Indians. They called themselves - Tsalagi and they lived in parts of the Alleghany
The Cherokee had (and presumably, still have) a fairly elaborate religious belief system, that was, like virtually all faith systems of the pre-Christian Americas, based on nature
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