What is a chest muscle strain?


Even the most seasoned gym-goer accidentally pulls a muscle now and then. Pain from pulled muscles in a sensitive and serious area such as the chest can be an alarming sensation. Strain injuries are generally divided into 3 levels according to severity.

Grade I strains are mild strains, merely a pulled muscle with some accompanying discomfort.

Moderate or Grade II strains display some tearing of the fibers of the muscles in your chest. People suffering from a Grade II strain will experience diminished strength, and rest is required to heal the muscle.

Grade III strains are the most severe and definitely require medical intervention. These strains result in the rupture of attachments between the tendons and musculature of the chest, and tears in muscle fibers. Surgical repair and long-term rest is generally required.

In order to avoid damaging your body:

  • Try not to overwork one section of muscle through prolonged exertion.

  • Take frequent breaks during your workout or any physical activity that requires strain on your muscles.

  • Listen to the cues of your body.

  • Be cautious and move with slow, controlled motions.

  • Before engaging in activities that may cause strain, warm up your body with stretches to help prevent injury.
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