How to Replace a Chevrolet Door Lock.?


1. Pry the small trim covers off the door panel using a trim removal tool. Wedge the tip of the tool underneath the notch in the side of the trim piece (there is typically a notch cut in the trim specifically for this purpose) The exact location
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First get a set of door pins and bushings from the parts store. It's a good idea to replace the bushings and pins when installing a new door, especially if the vehicle is older. You'll
The size door speakers in the Chevrolet Equinox 2005 model
Sounds like the release rod came off of either the main latch or the inside release handle. My guess would be the latch since I don't see many problems with the inner handles. To
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1. Make sure your car door windows are rolled all the way up. Disconnect the cable on the negative battery terminal, especially if the car has electrical controls ...
Where can a person find the wiring schematics for a Chevrolet Silverado truck door? Anyone can find the detailed schematics for the wiring system of a Chevrolet ...
1. Close the window in the Lumina's door. Extract the window switch and lock button from the door panel using the trim tool. Invert the switches and unplug them ...
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