How do you change the oil filter on a Chevy Cavalier?


To change the oil filter on your Chevy Cavalier, you need to first drain all of the oil from your vehicle. You can do this by jacking the vehicle up and opening the drainage plug. Drain the oil into a drainage pan to prevent any messy oil patches. Next, to change the oil filter, reach to the side of the engine block next to the firewall. You can liberate it using an oil filter wrench.
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1. Raise the front of your Cavalier with a jack and support it on a set of jack stands. Position the jack stands under the frame and be sure they are sitting on flat, solid ground
It is at the front of the engine under the power steering pump. It is the 1 1/4" plastic nut you see facing up at you. It will be black. Unscrew that and the filter will be snapped
It's changed from the top. There is a black plastic cover
The oil filter on a 2.2 lt ecotec motor, 2005 cavalier is located directly below the #4 piston air intake manifold, approx. 4'' below. it's a black 3'' dia. cap which takes a 11/4
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How to Change the Oil Filter on a Chevy Cavalier
Changing the oil filter on your Chevy Cavalier will keep the oil clean and extend the life of your engine. It's important to drain the oil from the car before removing the oil filter, so it is recommended to change the oil at the same time. You can get a... More »
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