Cheyenne Indian Teepees?


Cheyenne Indian teepees were constructed from animal hides and the teepees had a hole in the top to let smoke escape. The teepees were made to easily be taken down, as the Indians often moved around a lot. The Cherokee were considered nomad Indians, meaning they did not stay in one place too long. The teepees were easily transported as they traveled. All types of animal hides were used to construct the teepees and the hides provided warmth and shelter from the elements.
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1. Purchase and gather your materials. For a 12 foot circumference tipi you will need approximately 24 yards of of canvas, be sure the canvas is treated for outdoor use. Poles should
By putting the frame poles in a cone-shaped order and then laying the buffalo skins around the sticks from bottom to top, overlapping them to drain water.
Teepees were made of buffalo hides sewn together and then stretched over poles stacked
The Cheyenne Indians who were located in Colorado were
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