Child Labor in the Philippines?


Child labor in the Philippines is still considered to be a big problem. As of 2011, there are approximately 5 million children working in the Philippines. These children are between the ages of five and seventeen years old. Many of these children are doing what is considered to be hazardous work due to the conditions of the work environment as well as the equipment they are expected to work with. This may include sex trade as well as drug trafficking. It is said that many of these kids drop out of school.
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: (1)improper planning (2) Financial crisis (3) Non-support from NGOs (4) avoiding Child Labour Act, if any (5) Delay in disposing legal cases if any, (6) Religious feelings, (7)
If this is the first time you will sponsor a child then it is advisable to read and learn about expectation as a child sponsor. For $25 a month, you can send a child to school and
1. Understand how many hours a minor may work. The FLSA provides regulations on the hours minors can work depending on the child’s age. For non-agricultural work: Children age
The 2009 statistics are not out yet,but i promise you it hasn't gotten better.
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It was not uncommon to have child labor during the Industrial Revolution. Many children worked without getting paid and worked for as many as 19 hours. It was ...
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