How do cultural and child rearing practices influence a child's development of self?


A parent's rearing practices affect a child's ability to learn and even how that child's brain grows and develops. According to, several cultural factors, such as gender and race, also have an impact on the development of a child.

According to the University of California, there are four basic parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and uninvolved. An authoritative style is the style all parents should strive for, because it achieves the right balance of warmth, approval and discipline, states GlobalPost. Authoritative parents are affectionate and involved in every aspect of a child's early life, which usually results in a self-motivated and confident child. Authoritarian parents are less affectionate than authoritative ones and favor strict discipline. According to GlobalPost, children raised by authoritarian parents tend to be moody and anxious, but are typically well-behaved. Permissive parents, on the other hand, do not value discipline, but instead prefer to be friends with their child. Children raised by permissive parents typically lack empathy and kindness for others and are usually average to poor students. Lastly, an uninvolved parenting style is a dysfunctional style in which parents do not have a strong emotional bond with their child. Children raised by uninvolved parents tend to be clingy and needy and act in unsuitable ways when away from home.

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Child Rearing Practices in Different Cultures
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