Child Support Agreement Form?


When a married couple gets a divorce typically there will be some form of child support involved. In most, if not all, cases you can obtain a child support agreement form through your attorney or lawyer. In some states they will allow you to print off the child support agreement form from online and complete the form yourself. The child support agreement form should indicate the amount of child support that is to be paid and is agreed upon by both parties involved. The child support agreement form should also be signed by both parties and should be notarized.
Q&A Related to "Child Support Agreement Form?"
1. Decide why you want your child support agreement modified. Have you had a change in income? Has your ex had a change in income? If you have heard that your ex-spouse has gotten
the non custodial parent should always cover his / her back any support you pay pay it in a money order or pay it by check. always have proof or better yet a paper trail of what you
You can go on line to and type in your state in the search box and download the forms. You will need a wavier form as well as a finicial report form for both you
Child support can still be awarded to
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