Child Support Arrears?


Child support arrears is another way of saying child support problems such as back pay in child support. If a parent is behind on paying child support he or she could face having their paychecks garnished to get the back child support caught up. In some states the parent that is behind on child support could face jail time as well as possibly losing their drivers license temporarily. When it comes to child support arrears the parent that is behind on child support could also have their tax refund seized in order to get the back child support caught up.
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1. Refer to documents from your divorce or from the legal proceeding in which a judge ordered the payment of child support. 2. Copy the name of the Alabama superior court, the name
In most States, there is no statute of limitations on child support arrears.'s_statue...
It means that your ex was behind on his support payments nd the 278 was applied to the back payments owed and the notification from IRS means that you or him owes taxes and future
You can only stop child support by modifying the order for support in court. You can petition the family court to lower or suspend your child support payments. Try contacting a free
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The meaning of child support arrearage is to collect back child support from the parent that is paying the child support. If child support arrears are not paid ...
When the issue of child support arrears comes up in a case in Texas there are several different options that could take place. These options are that the non-custodial ...
Purge child support arrears is a payment that is needed to be paid on your arrears to avoid jail time. When you are behind on child support you are in contempt ...
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