How Many Children Can Share a Room?


There is no official limit to the number of children in one room, providing they are all of the same gender. Each child must have at least 1/2 of a bed. Children over age six cannot room with the opposite gender, and they cannot room with adults.
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As long as they're the same sex, up to 6. That's why stores sell bunkbeds. Not to mention, MOST families with multiple children can't afford homes with room for them. Atleast if they
Dedicated classified ad Websites provide an easy way to find a room share. You can use search or filter features to find room shares in a particular neighborhood. Such a Website may
1. Divide up a schedule of when you get your time in your room and when your roommate gets time. During this agreed upon time you can do whatever you want to, such as dress or even
When I was a child, I didn't want to clean my room because: It is tedious and just generally not fun. It wouldn't benefit me directly since the mess didn't bother me anyway. Over
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