Chinese Gender Calculator?


There are a few different Chinese gender calculators available online. One such Chinese gender calculator is available through Baby Center. Whether the calculator is correct or not, it's still a fun tool to use to make guesses as to what gender a baby will be. When using the Chinese gender calculator you will need to know the date of conception or the due date and either either one of those dates into the calculator. The next step is to enter your date of birth. Once you have entered the required dates you will press the button to calculate the due date.
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1. Gather information about the birth dates of any people whose signs you want to calculate. 2. Use a sign chart. If it does not contain the exact year of birth, you will use addition
It's 50% It's basically a guessing game. There are only two choices, so that gives it a 50/50 chance of being right.
You'll need to write down the exact Chinese name. Without the correct pinyin, there's tons of matches for this name. Most likely, from how it is said, it's a female name.
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