Chinese Geography?


China has a land mass that is 3,123 miles long over East Asia. Water and seas border are part of the geography of the country of China. The Tibetan Highlands consist of highlands and tall mountain peaks. There are the Northern Plains and the Yangzi River. The seas that border part of China include the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea. North Korea as well as Vietnam also borders China. There are also offshore islands.
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Geography of China
Location: Eastern Asia, bordering the East China Sea, Korea Bay, Yellow Sea, and South China Sea, between North Korea and Vietnam
Continent: Asia
Total Area: 9,596,960 sq km - 3,705,406 sq miles
Terrain: mostly mountains, high plateaus, deserts in west; plains, deltas, and hills in east
Climate: is extremely diverse; tropical in south to subarctic in north
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That is simply not true: I work in China in a Chinese company, all my colleagues are Chinese, I have been with many of them to different place, in my car or in their, in town or in
China was isolated by barriers. China?s eastern
Rivers and Mountains divide countries and communities.
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