Chinese Legalism?


Chinese Legalism took place during the Warring States times. Legalism was considered to be a political philosophy. Legalism was first created by Shang Yang. Legalist considered the common people to be evil, but due to Legalism if performed very well the common people were able to gain rank. Eventually Legalism was done away with even though it made a very brief comeback during the Sui Dynasty, however, it didn't last very long due to the Tang Dynasty.
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I'd go further than Justin Liu and suggest that it isn't a thing. I've known many Chinese immigrants (to the U.S.) and never encountered disdain for law as a profession. Granted,
The Chinese legal system is in the midst of significant reforms,
it is not supposed to be legal, but it is when you get a certain amount of pay per week for 40 hours, if you work over forty hours, they divide your base pay by the total number of
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