Chino Prison Inmates?


Chino Prison inmates are all men. The prison is actually four facilities located on 2,500 acres of land. California Institution for Men was opened in 1941 in San Bernardino County (California). The facility where each man is housed depends on their security level. Around 5,000 prisoners are housed at the prison each year. The prison is located at 14901 Central Avenue but you have to send mail to a PO box. The box number depends on which Facility (A, B, C, or D) where the prisoner is housed.
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The address and phone number for The California Institution for Men, Minimum Support Facility in Chino: The California Institution for Men. Minimum Support Facility. PO. Box 600.
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I assume you mean where do you find out if the person is at Chino or where in the CA Dept of Corrections? If so you will find a URL below for the Calif. Inmate finder page. There
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