Chipmunk Holes?


Chipmunk holes are used to store food to sustain them during the winter. A chipmunk hole is called a burrow. Burrows measure 6 to 8 inches high and about a foot wide. To reach the burrow the chipmunk will dig a tunnel that is 10 to 30 feet deep. The nest is filled with dry leaves and grasses. Chipmunks sleep, hibernate, and give birth inside their burrow. Chipmunks do not truly hibernate but wake up every few days to feed on the food they have stored.
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1. Use a trowel or shovel to scoop up some extra soil from your yard and pour it into a bucket. Pick up extra soil from a home service center if you do not have enough spare soil
They dig an entrance hole 1 to 2 in diameter leading to a working tunnel 10 to 30 feet
7:45 moron.
Its very easy Mira just take a hose and shove it in the hole then turn the water on the chipmunk will get scared and run away
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