Chips Challenge?


The Chip's Challenge is a tile-based puzzle video game. The game is available on a wide variety of systems including the Commodore 64, DOS, and Windows. The game was originally released in 1989. The game offers 148 levels that Chip McCallahan must complete. Along the way, Chip has to collect enough chips too open the chip socket in order to complete the level. Although an older game, it is currently (2013) available for download from the App Store.
Q&A Related to "Chips Challenge?"
Chip's Challenge is an MS DOS game. You collect chips on a grid-based level with obstacles
Actually, chips challenge isn't available anymore because of legal rights, so unless you previously had chips challenge on like an old computer because of something like Best of Windows
'Chips Challenge' was written for the Atari Lynx, and later ported to Windows and distributed as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack. According to the help in that Windows package
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