How to Choose a Paint Color to Match Exterior Brick?


To choose a paint colour to match exterior brick, visit a paint dealer and get some of the sample colour charts. Then, select the kind of paint you wish to paint the house. Next, decide on the paint finish and buy it. Finally, compare the two colours and if they do not match, take them back to the store to have a fine tune.
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1. Go to your nearest paint dealer and obtain some sample color charts. Get printed brochures, as well as the small sample squares of custom colors that most paint stores carry. You
Choosing a paint color all depends on what the room is going to be used for and what colors you like. If you lean towards green, choose a light green so that it appeals to you and
There are so many things to consider when repainting the exterior of your home. After you choose a painter and decide on the type of paint you want to use, you then have the task
The longest-lasting exterior paint colors are formulated using organic pigments. They are usually muted colors leaning more toward creams, soft golds, burnt oranges, sage greens and
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You can paint exterior brick the color you choose after you clean the bricks and apply a primer. Use a spray gun to paint the bricks the color, using smooth strokes ...
1. Identify the exterior doors and the purpose of each. Some doors may take far more use and abuse than others and require a color that hides handprints and dirt ...
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