How should you allocate chores around the house?


When allocating chores around the house, consider the capacity and ability of each family member. Also, consider what each one prefers to do so chores do not become a struggle.
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1. Decide which chores you'd like for your children to help with. Have realistic expectations and avoid giving your children too many responsibilities, recommends
1 Always try to praise your teen. This builds self-esteem and promotes a better feeling about helping out. Ad 2 Make sure your teen sees you doing chores too. Examples are one of
Mowing the Lawn:20 dollars. Laundry:5 dollars. Wash dishes:7 dollars. Water plants:3 dollars.
Which ones are worth more can only be answered by your parents. In my home, cleaning the bathroom would be the highest paying. If I had a yard - doing yard work would come in second
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