How should you allocate chores around the house?


When allocating chores around the house, consider the capacity and ability of each family member. Also, consider what each one prefers to do so chores do not become a struggle.
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1. Motivate the Family to Share Household Chores. Recognize that all members of the family are "stakeholders" in the efficient and peaceful operation of the household, because
1 Always try to praise your teen. This builds self-esteem and promotes a better feeling about helping out. 2 Make sure your teen sees you doing chores too. Examples are one of the
Well, you can always "bribe" them into doing chores. For example,"If you clean your room, I'll let you go to the movies with your friends tonight." This gives
Ask your mom or dad what chores they hate to do, that you can do. Ask if they will be willing to pay you to do them for them. There you go instant job and money. When I lived at home
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