Christening Gift Suggestions?


Christening gift suggestions can be varied from something really personal or something that is practical. A popular item is to give books that have a religious theme to them. They will be cherished for years to come. A casting of the baby foot or hand is a gift that parents will enjoy. Children's bibles or a monogrammed or framed picture to remind them of the special day can be given. Some other ideas are gift certificates or gift cards.
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Christening Gift Suggestions
A christening is traditionally a Christian "bringing to Christ" ceremony in which the child is blessed, baptized or given a name. Generally friends and family sharing in faith gather together to celebrate this event and gifts are given. The godparents... More »
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Most people will buy outfits for a christening gift which I always think is a great gift. Also, a very nice card with kind words of encouragement would be great to go along with the
A Bible is a good christening gift because it represents the religious occasion. offers personalized Bibles in which the child's name can be hot-stamped in 22-karat
You can give keepsake bible, or some christening accessories. I bought the bible and bips embroidered holy cross for my cousin's daughter at My Sweet They shipped so fast
A great christening gift is a Baby Blessing Picture Frame. The url is attached for
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In the Philippines, money is an appropriate Christening gift. Generally, age-appropriate toys and clothes would also be good Christening gifts. ...
Christening gifts are often items that have been engraved with the baby's name, date of the christening, and the occasion for the gift. Photo frames that have ...
Some of the proper christening gifts are: personalised jewellery, embroidered items of clothing, a money pot, stuffed dolls and personalised albums. The gift chosen ...
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