What games can be played at a Christian bridal shower?


Some games that would be appropriate for a Christian bridal shower include Bridal Bingo, Purse Raid and Love Story. These games are a great way to ensure everyone has a good time.

Bridal Bingo is just like regular Bingo, except that the word "Bingo" is changed to "Bride," and instead of numbers, there are facts about the wedding and bride.

Purse Raid is basically a scavenger hunt through purses. The host will call out the names of items, from everyday things like keys to the more random articles such as dog treats. The first person to gather all the items on the list wins a prize.

Love Story is a group exercise that involves creating fan fiction about the couple. Everyone takes turns to add one line to the love story of the bride and groom.

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There are plenty of bridal shower games. Activity types:toilet paper bride,scrap-booking,crochet,draw a bride,purse power,the price is right. Trivia types:who knows the bride best
We actually had a blog post about this recently and there are some really unique and fun games mentioned. http://www.invitations4le. ss.com/.
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Christian Bridal Shower Games
You are planning a bridal shower for your religious friend, but don't want to include activities that are inappropriate for her Christian faith. If you are concerned about finding memorable and fun games for her shower, there is no need to worry. With a... More »
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