Christian Retreat Ideas?


There are many ideas for Christian retreats. Christian retreats are a great idea to help reconnect with your true self and learn and practice methods that will help you better your life and yourself. Christian retreats help you heal, take time for reflection, and find meaning in your life. One Christian retreat idea includes planning a weekend away in a location where you can really escape the stress of everyday life. Other ideas include seeing an inspirational speaker, or planning a trip to a spa.
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1. Decide on having a retreat or advance: Believe it or not, that is a huge step because some places do not want their parishioners to go away.Who is it for? Is it a marriage retreat
The Calvary Chapel Conference Center in Twin Peaks (near Arrowhead) was a good location for our men's retreat (we're not a Calvary Chapel church) and seemed affordable, but I don't
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My friend's church just did one with a nautical theme and
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Christian Retreat Gift Ideas
When you attend a Christian retreat, your main gift is to be away from your routine and pressures of home to focus on gaining insight, sharing ideas and reflecting. A true purpose of the retreat gift is to be a reminder of what you gained from that time... More »
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