Christian Women Retreat Ideas?


Christian women go on retreats for numerous reasons. Some of these reasons include taking time for reflection, reconnecting with their true self, finding meaning in their life beyond daily or material concerns, and to gain clarity on an issues in their life. There are many different types of Christian women retreat ideas. Some of these retreats last for only a couple of hours, other last for an entire weekend. Some Christian women retreat ideas include going to a cabin, seeing an inspirational Christian speaker, visiting hot springs, and relaxing at a bed and breakfast.
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My friend's church just did one with a nautical theme and
Here are some suggestions, but you'll need to call them to check availability: Mt. Lebanon Baptist Encampment 1701 Texas Plume Rd. Cedar Hill Texas 75104 Phone: (972) 291-7156 Fax
How to organize a Christian women's retreat is a topic of interest for churches, women-groups, and faith based ministries. Church-hosted retreats for women are filled with fellowship
Hi girlsministry4Him! I loved all your ideas and I see that you plan on having treats for these girls pretty often! Our church youth went on a WorldChangers mission trip and our ladies
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Women's Christian Retreat Ideas
Christian women enjoy participating in retreats and love a variety of creative ideas. Because of the busy pace of life, work, husbands, children and church responsibilities, they appreciate the opportunity to take a break from their daily routines, spend... More »
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A Christian women's retreat is a great way to connect with others and the Lord. One game you may want to play is a 'scavenger hunt.' This is where a person has ...
To plan a Christian Marriage Retreat, first think of the types of activities you would like to offer. Also consider any discussion sessions that will be included ...
There are many ideas for Christian retreats. Christian retreats are a great idea to help reconnect with your true self and learn and practice methods that will ...
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