What are some themes for a Christian women's day?


A christian woman's theme could be about women in the bible. Pick out a couple that you can focus on. Tell their stories and how it compares to women now a days.
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"The Portrait of a Godly Woman" Proverbs 31.
My friend's church just did one with a nautical theme and
Because that would just ruin there hairstyle and image. Clearly nothing is more important to them then the way they look and how would they be able to pull and sleep around, with
The honor and Award was given to five Chosen Personalities in various field on occasion of International Women's Day. This Award is given on 7th March, 2009 at AMA (Ahmedabad Medical
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The Christian women retreat applies the acronym 'P.O.W.E.R.' to communicate the theme. Letter P stands for prayer, O represents others, W stands for word (of God ...
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