Christmas Card Sayings?

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List of Christmas Greetings
If you are looking for some different and creative Christmas greetings, use Christmas poems, messages and quotations to add some personality to your Christmas cards. While you can create your own using words that rhyme to personalize the cards, you can... More »
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Christmas card sayings come in many different forms. Some of them are really funny, while others are uplifting and inspirational. When making your own Christmas cards, you can choose to write your own Christmas card saying inside. There are many great Christmas quotes that can make great Christmas messages for cards. Finding the right Christmas card sayings depends on who you are giving the card to and the kind of relationship you have with that person.
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A Christmas card is a way to wish the recipient well and let them know you are thinking of them especially during the holiday season. Although cards can be purchased pre printed,
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.
In Romanian you would say "Cracin fericit" for "Merry Christmas". In Romania singing Christmas Carols is a big part of their tradition. Children carry stars they
In Korean you would say "Sung Tan Chuk Ha" instead of Merry Christmas. Most people in Korea don't celebrate Christmas as it is a Christian Holiday. Look here for more information
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Cowboy Christmas sayings are unusual but fun things to consider using when trying to find what to say in a Christmas card. Most cowboy sayings evoke scenes of ...
There are many things that you could say on a Christmas card. You could say things like happy holidays or seasons greetings. You could also say Merry Christmas. ...
Merry Christmas is one thing you could say in a Christmas card.Telling you friends or family that you wish them the best wishes for the holidays is good too.It ...
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