Christmas Crocheted Snowflakes?


Christmas snowflakes can be crocheted using cotton yarn and a small crochet hook. A pattern can be used and can be found in crocheting magazines and online sites. Many people make them and hang them on their tree as ornaments.
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1. Crochet the snowflake ornament following a pattern from a craft book or magazine. 2. Prepare a solution of laundry starch and water according to the manufacturer's directions or
1 Gather your supplies . See list below under "Things You'll Need". Ad 2 Cut two pieces of wire: one 3 1/2″ long, and the other 7″ long. 3 Fold the long piece
a snowflake represents the time of year. the season the time is here. Its what makes christmas:
A crocheted pot holder would make a great gift for the cooks and bakers on your gift list.
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