How do you plan a Christmas Eve candlelight service?

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Ideas for Christmas Eve Family Church Service
You've got a million things on your Christmas Eve to-do list, or at least it seems that way. One of them -- an important one, to be sure -- is going to church as a family. However, with the kids bouncing off the walls, dozens of gifts left to wrap and... More »
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Types of Christmas Eve services include: Carol singing service, candle
animals would be nice and we don't like it too stiff ... like being greeted by men in black suits and holy communion is something I don't need. I like it more relaxed, contemporary,
Im 18 if that helps. I dont have any other dresses besides homecoming and summer dresses. My younger sister curled her hair and put on a dress you'd wear to homecoming and said ..
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To plan a Christmas Eve candlelight service, simply speak to your friends, neighbors, and loved ones. You can then arrange a candlelight service at your home or the nearest church. You can also speak to area clergymen for more assistance.
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