How Do I Plan a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service?

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Ideas for Christmas Eve Family Church Service
A Christmas Eve church service can be magical and memorable, full of the love and goodwill that make Christmas so wonderful. Families who don't normally attend church are often at these services, so this can be an opportunity to introduce children of all... More »
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Types of Christmas Eve services include: Carol singing service, candle
animals would be nice and we don't like it too stiff ... like being greeted by men in black suits and holy communion is something I don't need. I like it more relaxed, contemporary,
It all depends on the church, actually. Some churches the people dress up, others not so much. You could always ask the person you're going with how the people usually dress. If you
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To plan a Christmas Eve candlelight service, simply speak to your friends, neighbors, and loved ones. You can then arrange a candlelight service at your home or the nearest church. You can also speak to area clergymen for more assistance.
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