How to Set Christmas Lights to Music?


There are so many types of Christmas lights. The best set is one that lights to music. This is very intriguing especially if you have kids or will be hosting kids for Christmas.
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You can set your Christmas lights to music by controlling it with your computer. These kits are simple, but have an astounding display for your home. Look here for more information:
1. Unscrew the casing that surrounds your main speaker using a screw driver. Remove the speaker's wires using your soldering iron and solder them to your relay using your soldering
1. Decide how big you want your lights show. You can decide to have your lights draped across your whole home, either inside or outside, or choose specific spots on your house and
Chances are you learned how to put lights on a Christmas tree by watching your family. There are many different ways to light a Christmas tree, and every family has its own way, which
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Choose up a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which is the brain of your Christmas lights. Cubloc's website carries this controller, chop the electrical power ...
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