Christmas Luminaries?


Christmas Luminaries are lights that bring the season atmosphere in homes, usually put on walk ways, porches or in the rock garden. To make a Christmas luminaries, use Christmas stencils and draw designs on a paper bag, cut out the design, write merry Christmas on the paper bag, put sand in the paper bags up to the half way mark, sit luminaries in the sand inside the paper bag and set it in its place to glow.
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1. Draw a design on the upper portion of each paper bag using the Christmas stencils. Using the craft knife or scissors, cut the stenciled area out of the bag, taking care not to
Luminarias (farolitos or lumniaries) have long been a tradition in the
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Decorating is just one of the fun things that go along with the holidays. Making luminaries are a fun way to bring in the Christmas season. They do not require much money and are
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How to Make Christmas Luminaries
Christmas luminaries are a way to bring a festive atmosphere to a patio or porch, or add a splash of light to a walkway or rock garden. Luminaries are a delight to watch as they flicker in the cold winter nights. Making them is a great family project... More »
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