How should you organize a Christmas scavenger hunt?

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Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas
An idea for a Christmas party is to plan a scavenger hunt. You can keep your partygoers from becoming bored by designing a scavenger hunt that has a Christmas theme and making hunt lists that are sure to entertain. Whether your scavenger hunt is... More »
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1. Write down the route that you want your scavenger hunt to take on a large piece of paper. Be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Some people take the hunt indoors and out and even
Decide if you're having it inside or outside. Then make a list of items that the teams have to locate. The first team to have all their items is the winner!
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A Christmas scavenger hunt must be age appropriate. When it comes to appropriately gearing a scavenger hunt to the age of the participants, attention is paid to the types of items to be sought.

When organizing a Christmas scavenger hunt, take down what kind of items will be needed. Consider if food or beverages will be served, and think about fun decorations or party favors that guests will enjoy.

Remember to think about your guests' age and keep the event age appropriate. Younger children might enjoy having a Santa Clause or other character present. Older children would enjoy extra activities or games.

When organizing a Christmas scavenger hunt, an organizer has a number of timing options. If a party is planned, the hunt can be a part of the festivities. If a scavenger hunt is to be undertaken by a family, the organizer can have members select an item a day for a set number of days before the holiday. The scavenger hunt becomes something of a countdown to Christmas.

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