How to Make Christmas Yard Decorations?


You can make Christmas yard decorations and art out of nearly anything. Plywood is a good material to use, you can cut it into shapes like reindeer and Santa. Then simply spray paint them and stake them into the ground.
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Many retail stores sell Christmas yard art. Walmart and Target have a good variety to choose from during the holiday season. Also, Home Depot and Canadian Tire carry a wide selection
1. Don wrap-around eye protection. Use a wire wheel on a right angle grinder to clean the areas to be welded until at least a half inch of rust and paint is removed from the edges
1. Buy Christmas lights. You can find these on sale in November or early December. Department stores are generally good places to buy lights; some even have breakdowns of the unit
Which do you feel are the. best Christmas yard decorations. ? Are you a fan of natural ornaments or over-the-top, let-your-hair-down decor? Mind you, you don't have to put out Christmas
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