How to Make Christmas Yard Decorations?


You can make Christmas yard decorations and art out of nearly anything. Plywood is a good material to use, you can cut it into shapes like reindeer and Santa. Then simply spray paint them and stake them into the ground.
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Many retail stores sell Christmas yard art. Walmart and Target have a good variety to choose from during the holiday season. Also, Home Depot and Canadian Tire carry a wide selection
1. Don wrap-around eye protection. Use a wire wheel on a right angle grinder to clean the areas to be welded until at least a half inch of rust and paint is removed from the edges
1 Buy Christmas lights. You can find these on sale in November or early December. Department stores are generally good places to buy lights; some even have breakdowns of the unit
Which do you feel are the. best Christmas yard decorations. ? Are you a fan of natural ornaments or over-the-top, let-your-hair-down decor? Mind you, you don't have to put out Christmas
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