Chromosomes Are Made of What Material?


Chromosomes are a thread like material located inside the nucleus of animals and plant cells. It is made up of protein and a single molecule of DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. Chromosomes received their name due to the fact that they become highly stained during research and the word chromosome means color.
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Chromosomes are made of the same materials as all organic substances. Namely Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen which form into amino acids and enzymes which make up RNA and DNA.
Chromosomes are composed of. DNA. Histone proteins.
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When you are looking at what material chromosomes are made of you are looking at our DNA. A person has 46 chromosomes, there are a thousand genes in one chromosome ...
Chromosomes are made from the chromatin. Chromatin is a type of genetic material which is composed of DNA and proteins which is located in the nucleus of cells ...
A chromosome is a single strand of DNA, carrying basic material that is replicated in embryonic development. This is replicated in meiotic and mitotic replication ...
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