Chronic Liar?


Chronic liars or pathological liars are individuals who lie habitually for long period of time and can even take for years or lifetime. In this condition, the person is completely aware that he is telling false information and he is doing it even without personal benefit. The person is said to be addicted in telling lies.
Q&A Related to "Chronic Liar?"
People who are known to lie for a long portion of their lives, and will continue to lie. These people are frequently considered to be sociopaths.
A chronic liar is someone who lies about things for no apparent reason. They will lie about
If you feel like you can't be his friend don't be until he sorts himself out . Tell him how you feel about his lying and that if he continues to do it he is going to loose everything
Understanding why a child lies and what you can do about it.Behavior Description This child is often caught up in 'distorting the truth'. Do not let lying become a habit. Why? The
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