Chronic Liar?


Chronic liars or pathological liars are individuals who lie habitually for long period of time and can even take for years or lifetime. In this condition, the person is completely aware that he is telling false information and he is doing it even without personal benefit. The person is said to be addicted in telling lies.
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Symptons include: LYING!
A chronic liar is someone who lies about things for no apparent reason. They will lie about
If you feel like you can't be his friend don't be until he sorts himself out . Tell him how you feel about his lying and that if he continues to do it he is going to loose everything
I am pretty impressed by your assessment of your situation. So many kids in your position who are fully aware of what they're doing also couldn't care less about fixing it. They simply
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A chronic liar is a person who lies about things without any apparent reason. Chronic liars lie about important matters and small matters that look irrelevant. ...
A pathological liar is a chronic liar. This is a person who lies a lot. This person may lie because it is a habit or a compulsion. They may or may not have any ...
A compulsive liar is also known as a habitual or chronic liar. Such a person lies as a normal and reflexive way of responding to questions. This type of lying ...
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