Chronological Order in Literature?


Chronological order in literature is the arranging of events in a timeline or sequence of events. This type of timeline is helpful for the reader and the other to have a quick way of referencing when specific events in the story happened. Chronological order starts with the earliest date and then lists the dates in order until the latest date. Most pieces of literature is written in a strict chronological order, but some literature has points of flashbacks and foreshadowing that does not follow a timeline.
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Reverse chronological order is putting items in order from what happened most recently and working back to the earliest dates. This date sequence is in reverse chronological order
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It is when you organise something in the order in which it happened. You start with the event that happened first and then which one happened second and so on.
Sometimes the author will want to show something that happened before the story started that may deal with something that character is facing presently.
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