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Chrysler is now a part of the Daimler AG family of companies. As such Chrysler does not have its own stock symbol. The Daimler AG stock can be found in NASDAQ under the symbol DAI.
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Chrysler is no longer publicly traded so it does not have a stock symbol.'s_stock...
The ticker symbol for Daimler Benz and Chrysler is "DCX". Good luck and ChaCha
'Chrysler' is a privately-held company and as such has no publicly-traded stock. It was purchased and taken private by 'Cerberus Capital Management' in 2007. Cerberus owns 80.1% of
Back in the day, Chrysler had the prestigious one-letter stock symbol of "C" That ended in the late 90's, when the company was bought out by Daimler and they became DCX.
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The stock symbol for Chrysler is DAI. This is somewhat counterintuitive. The reason for this is that the company is not actually owned by Chrysler. Rather, it is Daimler AG.
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