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A church anniversary is an important event that holds a lot of significance. Most churches will celebrate anniversaries every 25 years and hold events that celebrates the anniversary. All churches are different though and can decide on whenever the celebration will be held. Choosing a church anniversary theme is an important way to start planning the event. One of the most common themes for a church anniversary is having decorations that symbolize the year the church first opened it's doors.
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1. Appoint or activate a committee to organize the anniversary celebration. This group usually includes the pastor, music minister, and other department chairpersons. This committee
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Church Anniversary Poems - The Kingdom of Heaven: A church building is holy
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A church anniversary is a special time for a congregation. It doesn’t matter if the church is five years old, 55 years old or 155 years old—the passage of time means something. It’s important to remember the past members who built the... More »
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