What churches help you pay your rent?


Many churches help individuals who are having trouble paying rent and other bills meet their financial obligations. Many people are struggling in a weak economy and need that support to get back on their feet.  However, many churches are finding that they have repeat askers who never learn to meet their obligations on their own. They need help to learn how to make better decisions and manage their money better. While bill assistance is a wonderful and often necessary thing for a church to provide the community, an education program offering money management skills should be provided as well. Otherwise, there will be less funds available for those who truly need the help.
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1. Contact your landlord first if you anticipate ongoing financial hardship. Be honest. She may be willing to lower your rent temporarily or develop some type of payment plan. 2.
Some churches in Indianapolis that provide rent and utility
Several.start calling around to see who has benevolence funds and what their qualifying guidelines are.
one way is to go to your bank, or a bank, and get a good loan. remember to chose a loan with a low interest rate. not recommended to get a loan if you only need a little money. you
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