Church Homecoming Ideas?


Many churches have an annual homecoming celebration. It typically serves to celebrate the date the church was created, and is often a time when former members who have moved away are invited to attend. There are many great ideas to celebrate a church homecoming. A great way to welcome those former members is to create scrapbooks or picture collages that contain pictures of the former members participating in church activities. It is also nice to have pictures which show the progression of the building and congregation. If a former preacher or priest is available to come speak, this is always well received by long term and former members. Finish up the celebration with a nice meal.
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Church Homecomings' are special services usually set on the anniversary date of the founding of the church. Services are normally themed to acknowledge those saints who not only founded
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A Church homecoming is a special service that is put on the anniversary day of the founding of a church. The service is themed to recognise the saints who not ...
The purpose of a church homecoming is to honor the establishment of the church. Is something akin to an anniversary. ...
There are many themes that you could use for a church homecoming. One theme you could use is the theme of Christ. Many churches have homecoming's when they reach ...
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