Church Homecoming Themes?


There are many themes that you could use for a church homecoming. One theme you could use is the theme of Christ. Many churches have homecoming's when they reach milestones.
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1. Go with a popular theme that will inspire terrific costumes, such as pirates, popular films or sci-fi. The more extensive the theme, the more leeway students will have in creating
It is a time when a person who has chosen to leaven the home church for personal reasons, spiritual or relocation gets a chance to come back to the home place where her/she first
As a former pastor and now full-time web designer who specializes in WordPress, I would suggest you take a different approach than limiting yourself to the predictable by only looking
A very popular theme this year is "Forever in the Twilight". has
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Decorating Themes for Church Homecomings
Homecoming for a church and its members is a time for renewing friendships and ties. It's a way for new and old members to reconnect to the church and commemorate the past. A homecoming often begins with a celebration of a special Mass and ends with a... More »
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A Church homecoming is a special service that is put on the anniversary day of the founding of a church. The service is themed to recognise the saints who not ...
Many churches have an annual homecoming celebration. It typically serves to celebrate the date the church was created, and is often a time when former members ...
The purpose of a church homecoming is to honor the establishment of the church. Is something akin to an anniversary. ...
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