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Many churches issue monthly newsletters to keep its members informed of the latest news and programs within the church.This is an excellent opportunity to encourage members to continue or to begin tithing. There are numerous clip art images you can get from the Internet to include in your newsletter. You can write a short article of the importance of tithing and place it along side a picture of a usher with a plate.  Whenever you encourage tithing, it is a good idea to include the historical and biblical significance of the act.
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A church usher is the representative of the church. They are responsible for welcoming and presenting newcomers to the church. Ushers act as a guide, escorting visitors throughout
1 Have a close relationship with God. Seek to be anointed as the usher is the first contact of the people. Pray, fast and meet regularly. This is one step closer to getting to the
Most ushers wear a suit and tie. There are usually no robes or vestments in the Baptist Church.
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