How to Announce the Birth of Baby?


Cigar birth baby days are over, parents these days have more creative ways to announce the arrival of their bundle of joy. It includes; tweeting, updating your Facebook status and phone text. But keep it simple and not gruesome with how long the contractions were or how painful it was with the natural birth or however it was that you did it. Celebrate the baby; keep it sweet, your little angel is finally here.
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1. Choose the type of announcement you want to use. Two main options are online announcements and printed cards that have your baby's information on it. You can purchase cards with
The History of cigars as baby announcements
I actually did some research on this for someone else who had asked and here is the history of cigars and the birth of a baby: Baby announcement cigar history and tradition. For generations
for cigars and births. well. now at day's it's more common for Dad's to participate in the Birthroom, or even in the OR during a C-section at the hospital , but back in the days dad's
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