How to Make Cinnamon Toothpicks?


Cinnamon toothpicks are a nice cap to a fabulous dinner. They are a great alternative to smoking cigarettes as well as snacking. They provide no additional calories or ill effects from tobacco. Did you know you can make cinnamon toothpicks at home? It simple and here's how. Place toothpicks inside of a small glass dish. Start with 100. Place toothpicks inside of a zip lock container.Pour approximately 15 drops of cinnamon oil on toothpicks being sure to evenly distribute the oil on the toothpicks.For a sweetener add a few drops of a liquid sweetener.Seal the bag and evenly distribute the oil onto the toothpicks.Place toothpicks in a glass container.
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1. Pour 1 oz. cinnamon bark oil into the bottom of a small jar. The liquid should cover the bottom of the jar but only be about 1/2 to 1 centimeter deep. 2. Place 250 toothpicks into
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You need cinnamon bark oil, sold in drugstores and health food stores. Simply
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