What are some circle time activities?


There are many different activities appropriate for circle time, the period in preschool centers when all the children play together. Some examples, provided by Early Childhood News, include "Name That Tune," hiding games, rhyming games and rhythm activities.

For "Name That Tune," the children sit in a group while the teacher plays a familiar song. The teacher selects a child to guess the name of the song, then that child chooses who gets to guess for the next song.

"Doggy, Doggy, Where's My Bone?" involves having one of the children go into the hallway or out of the room. One of the remaining children puts a bone, which has been previously cut out from a piece of paper, behind his back. The child in the hallway returns and guesses which child is hiding the bone.

Another activity suggested by Early Childhood News is "Beginning Sounds and Rhyming Words." This game requires someone in the group to say a beginning sound or word that can be rhymed. That person rolls a ball to another child, who guesses the answer. Another suggestion is "Listen and Clap." Children take turns saying each child's name and then clapping the number of syllables that are in the name.

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it's Pacific. : hope i helped! :bd.
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Circle time provides toddlers and early elementary age children important skills academically, behaviorally and emotionally. While an outsider may view circle time as a crowd control mechanism, teachers of daycare and public school alike know that... More »
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