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The success of a circus is greatly dependent on its character list. One of the most important characters in a circus is the ringmaster, who presents performers, and generally keeps the show moving. Clowns are common characters to most circuses, and are typically skilled in a variety of circus acts. Gymnasts are usually present to perform tumbling and trampoline acts. Other circus characters are the juggler, lion tamer, tightrope walker, and flame throwers. Of course the bigger the circus, the longer the circus characters list.
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In a circus there are animals lyk elephants & tigers. but the funniest caracter is the clown cos he's funy. sum fink hes scary though, lyk sarah-wots-her-face, but it don't hav
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In a traditional circus the main attractions are usually the animal acts, the
The unofficial Pixar Wiki is probably a good start: It doesn't list all of the characters on one screen, but you can go into each category to see
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