Cities above Sea Level?


The highest cities in the world that are above sea level are La Rinconada, Wenquan, El Aguilar, Colquechaca, Ukdungle, Tanggulashan, and Pagri. Cities that are below 15,000 feet include Kurgiakh, Takh, Yelchang, and Niagsu.
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The way to find out how high you are above sea level is to find the elevation of the place where you are. Find a chart in a reference book or online. You can find more information
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1. Navigate to EarthTools and click on the "Find Elevation/Height Above Sea Level" link on the left side of the page underneath the question "What Do You Want to Do
Kansas City, MO elevation is 882 ft. above sea level. It's land area is
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It is possible to use topographic maps to determine city elevations above sea level. However, there are easier methods to find out how far above sea level a city ...
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La Paz is the world's highest capital city at an altitude of 3,600. It is located in Bolivia, South America and it is in the Guinness book of world records. The ...
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