Citronella Plant?


The term 'citronella plant' can refer to several species of plants, generally all with the shared property of containing citronella oil, a natural mosquito repellant. Citronella oil is found in the leaves and stems of various species of the Cymbopogon (lemongrass) genus, including citronella grass and east-Indian lemongrass. Cybopogon nardus and Citronella winterianus are considered the 'true' citronella plants.

Easily grown in the milder climates of the United States, these grasses are generally sold in stores as small starter plants in pots; ready to be transplanted into larger plants or directly into the soil. In milder climates, these grasses can be planted outdoors to ward against mosquitoes. In areas where it temperatures dip dramatically during the winter, it is best to plant citronella in a large pot or planter that can be moved inside during the cold winter months.

Both cybopogon nardus and citronella winterianus are perennial, clumping grasses and can grow up to 5-6 feet in height.
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1. Citronella grass is used to create citronella oil. Prune citronella grass in late winter or early spring to reshape the plant and maintain the size that works in your landscape
Use as anti-repellent to mosquitoes.
I grow citronella in containers on my patio. Not sure if it works really well to keep away mosquitoes but I do enjoy the fragrance. If planting directly in the soil, work up the area
Other names for citronella are Nardus or Nard grass. It is
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